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  1. admin 31 octubre, 2012 – 10:03 Gracias por tu comentario Carlos. Estamos de acuerdo con lo que dices, los empleados felices están más comprometidos con su trabajo y con la empresa, por lo tanto no se debería de descuidar ese factor.

  2. Hi Justin, Thanks for your comment. I just updated the table but honestly, I haven’t looked into how the plugins integrate with WordPress’ built-in roles and capabilities. I see how that’s important for interoperability with other plugins and expandability, which is what WordPress is all about, so I’ll include it as comparison metric when I’m done with some content I’m currently making. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  3. é lamentavel que que até hoje não se sabe nada sobre o assasinato do querido Tulinho…Até quando vai ficar esse silencio???? Será que tem alguém poderoso por tras ????

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  6. It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exepetisr.

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